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DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Centre.

About Us

DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Centre (DIaDeRC)

The DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Centre (DIaDeRC) is established with the mandate to build and enhance the human capacity in Africa where both institutional and development indicators are at a low echelon. This will be primarily carried out through research, training, development discourse (seminar/workshop) and consultancy as well as networking and information dissemination among researchers and practitioners within and outside Africa.

DIaDeRC is registered in Nigeria as an independent non-profit research centre (Think Tank) in March 2023 by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) after receiving approval from National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in November 2022. The approval puts a stamp on the quest for DIaDeRC to contribute to capacity building, research and development not only in Nigeria but within the African continent.

As a brief peep into history, our Founding Chair and Lead Economist (Professor Evans Osabuohien) got the ignition to establish an independent research centre during his Master’s degree programme in 2005 when carrying out his Entrepreneurial Development Studies (EDS) assignment on ‘My Dream Business’. After the completion of the Master’s Programme, he needed more knowledge and did his doctoral programme, which he completed in 2011. Then he picked up the idea again but he observed he needed more exposure and capacity, which made him proceed for postdoctoral research in Europe in 2012.


Upon his return in January 2015 to Africa, he started thinking through it again until he was appointed the Head of the Department (HOD) in 2016. The responsibility made him work with the members of his department to leave a legacy, which led to the establishment of the Covenant University Centre for Economic Policy and Development Research (CEPDeR) in March 2018 with the mission of Linking Research to Policy and Practice. He later, worked with another team at the university to establish the Regional Centre of Expertise Ogun (RCE Ogun) in October 2018 with the mission of translating education for sustainable development (ESD). He served as Pioneer Chair for both CEPDeR and RCE Ogun between 2018 and 2021, when he was re-appointed as HOD.

Thus, having passed through the crucible of training, capacity building and exposure, he was motivated to nurture an independent Think Tank with a team of passionate people who are keen on contributing to capacity building and research development in the African continent.

Our MIssion and Core Values

Who We Are

Our Frequently Asked Questions.

DIaDeRC stands for DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Centre. It is a non-for-profit research and training centre with mission to hone knowledge in transforming lives.
The core values of DIaDeRC is What are the core for valuesabbreviated as TITIC, which stands for Togetherness, Independence, Transparency, Integrity and Creativity
The main areas of operation of DIaDeRC include: organising training and workshops on issues centring on institutions and development in Africa; Provision of knowledge transfer; Provision of Research and Discussion Forum on Institutions and Development Issues; Provision of supports in enhancement of institutional quality and development. Also, in terms of capacity building, DIaDeRC would be having mentorship series featuring areas such as grant writing, winning, and execution; quality publications, and networking and collaborating in building a successful career. DIaDeRC also carries out consultancy services in various include institutions and development.

Collaboration with DIaDeRC could be done in different ways. a) as a researcher you can collaborate with DIaDeRC researchers as a Research Associate; b) participating in African Mentorship Series (as a mentor for accomplished scholars or mentee as upcoming scholars); c) attending various events organised by DIaDeRC or DIaDeRC is involved in; d) support DIaDeRC’s activities and programmes through financial and in-kind resource provision; e) establish an activity such as grant, publication and research awards; among others.

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Haoma is an award-winning thought leader, who has helped over two thousand business owners, corporate professionals, freelancers, and students, gain visibility and secure the right opportunities…

Professor Simplice Asongu holds a PhD from Oxford Brookes University and is currently the Lead Economist and Director of the African Governance and Development Institute

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