Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity Programme


The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme is a transformative experience that emphasises learning, connection and reflection. For both our Residential Fellows and our Non-Residential Fellows, the fellowship journey begins with an immersive year at the London School of Economics and Political Science, centred around key learning Modules. It is an intense and demanding year that requires full commitment from Fellows as they join a community that helps to support, challenge, and deepen their learning and practice.

Residential Fellows undertake a full-time, one-year MSc in Inequalities and Social Science at LSE, in addition to participating in the bespoke AFSEE Modules. This is why the Residential track is only suitable for people who are able to dedicate themselves to full-time study for a full academic year.

Residential Fellows are required to relocate to London for the duration of the MSc programme. For the 2024-25 cohort, Residential Fellows will be expected to be resident in London from September 2024.

Non-Residential Fellows are offered a unique opportunity to investigate inequalities over a period of 12 months via a set of distinct, comprehensive AFSEE Modules, and practice-based project work. After successfully completing the active fellowship year, they are awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Social and Economic Equity.

Non-Residential Fellows remain based in their home and professional environments, and travel to attend in-person Modules. Because of the reduced time and location commitment, this fellowship track is ideal for applicants who are unable to take a full year off from their work. However, they will be expected to commit time (around five hours per week) in addition to their Module commitments, for reading, coursework, and project work.

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