Call for Contributors – The Makings of Revolutionary Hope Anthology ($100 Honorarium)

January 10, 2024
If you’re a feminist creative passionate about feminist, pan-African liberation, we have an opportunity for you. Liberation Alliance Africa invites you to contribute to The Makings of Revolutionary Hope: A feminist, pan-African anthology on disrupting colonial Legacies in Africa.

About the Anthology:
The main focus of the anthology is the exploration of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary products of reflections, feelings, and memories arising from Liberation Alliance Africa’s five-part series titled Disrupting Colonial Legacies in Africa. The anthology delves into the thematic explorations of Leadership, Economic Justice, Climate Justice, Education, and Philanthropy as anchored by the series. This anthology finds its foundation on the coming together of feminist scholars, activists, thinkers, and organisers in reflection and community to raise critical awareness on the continued legacies of colonial and white supremacist world order and encourages the creation of dreams of pan-African, feminist liberation in Africa. Creative offerings which may include poetry, sketches, photography, essays, creative nonfiction, critique of current policies and reforms in Africa, and detailed profiles of women and feminist contributors to African liberation may explore subthemes embedded in the overarching themes of the anthology which are:
1. Who were we? An exploration of precolonial Africa (go easy on the romanticisation)
2. What are our stories?
3. Exploration of gender and sexuality through a decolonial feminist lens
4. How did we fund and sustain our causes as indigenous people?
5. What do we know? An exploration of knowledge beyond the realm of the allowed.
6. Where are the women in pan-African liberation histories?
7. What are our dreams for Africa’s future? How do we heal from the past and hold light for the future while living in the present?

Through the centering of diverse feminist voices, we amplify the voices, scholarship, and creativity of women and everyone on the margins to shape liberatory discourse and document Africa’s cultural evolution. This collection invites artists, writers, illustrators, poets, and storytellers to reflect on journeys of the self as intertwined with the collective in the disruption of oppressive systems.

How to Contribute:
1. Review Submission Guidelines including information about file formats and themes.
2. Send an email to with the email subject LAA Anthology.
3. Next steps: Submissions will close on 10th January 2023 and you can expect to hear back from us pretty soon after (Kindly note, we will only contact those whose we will proceed with)

We offer a $100 honorarium for submissions we select.

If you have any questions about the submission process or require any support in this process, please reach out to

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