Consultancy Opportunity : Annual Report Writer at African Women Development Fund


February 29, 2024
Are you an avid feminist storyteller with the ability to compile, structure, and narrate an organisation’s journey? Then we are looking for you.

Come join us at the AWDF to showcase our journey over the past year through our 2023 Annual Report. The consultant/ consultants will infuse life into our accomplishments, struggles, and hopes, making the report a captivating testament to the collective efforts of the AWDF community.

Key tasks

Working under the supervision of AWDF’s Executive Office and Knowledge and Voice Departments the consultant or team of consultants will perform the following tasks:

Immerse themselves in AWDF’s rich tapestry by reviewing project reports, financial statements, and other relevant materials.

Embark on a journey of discovery by conducting interviews or meetings with key staff, grantees, and partners, capturing the essence of their experiences.

Collaborate with AWDF’s Communications and Program teams, blending data to create a seamless and compelling narrative.

Craft the report’s structure, ensuring each chapter unfolds like a new chapter in a captivating book.

Write the report’s content in a way that demonstrates our impact, grounded in human interest stories and lived realities.

Work with the designer to integrate infographics, charts, and visuals to underscore the impact of our collective journey visually.

Facilitate a collective storytelling process where AWDF staff and management contribute their perspectives and insights to shape the report.

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