DIaDeRC-ASMN Members Grace IPA’s Nigeria Researchers Gathering

On February 22, 2024, the Innovations for Poverty Action Nigeria (IPA) hosted the Nigeria Researchers Gathering (NRG), an event aimed at fostering a cohesive and diverse community of African Scholars across Nigeria. This gathering held particular significance for the DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Centre (DIaDeRC), aligning closely with its mission to empower African scholars through knowledge dissemination.

Established in 2023, DIaDeRC has steadfastly pursued its vision by organizing virtual trainings, physical workshops, and nurturing robust online communities to support scholarly careers. With over 300 active members from esteemed research institutions and think tanks, DIaDeRC played a pivotal role in connecting researchers to the NRG.

The event, held in a hybrid format, showcased over 20% representation from the African Scholars Mentorship Network (ASMN), a collaborative initiative spearheaded by DIaDeRC. The ASMN members who graced the event included eminent scholars like Professor Evans Osabuohien, Chair, DIaDeRC, team members from the DIaDeRC administrative team such as Chibuzor Obi, Loveth Ode-Omenka, who joined virtually, and Drs Victoria Okafor and Judith I. Ani, and active members such as Drs Ajibola Oladejo, Eseoghene Olaifa, Professor Oladipo Ekundayo, Dr Adefunke Ekine, Dr Osaretin Okungbowa, Dr Deborah Agene, Dr Oluwatosin Edafe Deborah, along with other active participants who joined virtually.

One of the highlights was a 90-minute panel session moderated by Olasubomi Obadeyi, Research and Project Development Manager at IPA, featuring distinguished panelists including Professor Olayinka David-West from Lagos Business School, Professor Evans Osabuohien, Dr. Osasuyi Dirisu, and Dr. Bethany Park. The session, themed ‘Building a Pipeline of Researchers and Networks Across Countries and Continents,’ offered valuable insights into global networking and collaboration.

Professor Osabuohien’s contribution stood out as he shared invaluable tips drawn from his extensive experience in mentoring African scholars through DIaDeRC. He gave a detailed expose of his background as an academic from Africa and rounded with a take-home point for participants, which he summarized in the following words: ‘short-term pain for long-term gain’, a clarion call for researchers to see collaboration and networking as seeds planted amidst difficulties but would later germinate into trees for food and shade. Prof Osabuohien’s emphasis on perseverance and long-term vision resonated with participants, inspiring them to view collaboration as an investment for future success.

The event also provided a platform to explore competitive funding opportunities at Innovations for Poverty Action within critical sectors such as Human Trafficking, Intimate Partner Violence, Peace and Recovery, and Consumer Protection.

Overall, the NRG proved to be an enriching experience for DIaDeRC-ASMN members, fostering learning, networking, and collaboration opportunities that are essential for advancing research and scholarship in Nigeria and beyond

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