DIaDeRC Team member wins 2023 AGNES Grant for Junior Researchers Supported by BMZ & AvH

In 2023, the African Scholars Mentorship Network (ASMN) bootcamp emerged as a pivotal platform, offering invaluable insights into the fundamental principles of grant writing and winning. The mentorship and guidance provided within this virtual boot camp have proven to be immensely beneficial for members of the network. It is with great delight that DIaDeRC proudly announces a remarkable achievement within its fold: Dr. Judith Ifunanya Ani, the Lead for Grants and Partnerships, has successfully secured the prestigious 2023 AGNES Grant for Junior Researchers, generously supported by BMZ (German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) and AvH (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation).

The AGNES Grant, awarding Dr. Ani with a significant sum of one thousand Euro (1,000 Euro), aims to provide essential support for her ongoing research endeavours and prospective publications. This achievement stands as a testament to the immense impact of the African Scholars Mentorship Network. The collaboration between AGNES, AvH, and BMZ underscores the dedication to fostering research excellence and nurturing the academic growth of junior researchers within the network.

This accomplishment not only reflects Dr. Ani’s scholarly dedication and merit but also exemplifies the network’s efficacy in equipping its members with the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills essential for successful grant applications. It highlights the tangible outcomes resulting from the mentorship and guidance provided through ASMN, solidifying its role as a catalyst for nurturing and advancing research excellence among African scholars.

This remarkable success serves as an inspiration and encouragement for all members of the network, reinforcing the belief in the transformative potential of mentorship and collaborative initiatives. It further emphasises DIaDeRC’s commitment to empowering scholars and fostering a vibrant academic community that thrives on scholarly excellence and impactful research contributions.

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  1. Congratulations to you Dr Ani indeed your efforts in pushing your field beyond the ordinary surface is been recognized here and I want to thank the body too for considering you worthy for the grant.

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