Discover Sustainability Journal: Call for Papers – Agroecology, Renewable Energy and Biodiversity Conservation: Promoting Resilient Food Systems amidst Climate Change

Springer Nature is launching a new series of open access journals, the journal “Discover Sustainability” being one of them. Discover Sustainability is a completely open access journal, which means that its contents are freely available and can be accessed by a world audience.

Submission opens: 30 April 2024

Submission deadline:  31 October 2024

Submission link: please follow the submission guidelines 

APC: The current APC (Article Processing Charges), subject to VAT or local taxes where applicable, is: £940.00/$1340.00/€1040.00; however, waiver is available, if the corresponding author is from a low-income country (100%) and a lower-middle income country (50%). Use the link to check the eligible countries. In addition, other authors who may require APC waiver due to certain circumstances, should indicate such at the point of submission, which would be treated on case-by-case basis.


We are currently inviting researchers to contribute to the Topical Collection titled ” Agroecology, Renewable Energy and Biodiversity Conservation: Promoting Resilient Food Systems amidst Climate Change “.

The proposed Topical Collection aims to assess the critical intersection of Agroecology, Renewable Energy, and Biodiversity Conservation as pivotal strategies for fostering resilient food systems in the face of rapidly changing climatic conditions. This collection of articles seeks to explore innovative approaches, sustainable practices, and technological advancements that enhance agricultural sustainability, preserve biodiversity, and mitigate the impacts of climate change on food production.

In this Topical Collection, original research articles and reviews are welcome. Research areas may include (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Renewable energy, clean technology, and food security
  2. Renewable, Clean technology and agribusiness
  3. Green economy, environmental sustainability, and food security.
  4. Clean technology, carbon neutrality and sustainable development
  5. Climate Change and Agricultural Value Chain
  6. Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation in Food Security
  7. Sustainability and Energy-Efficient Facilities for Agri-Food Systems
  8. Food Waste Reduction Strategies: Addressing Sustainability Challenges in Food Supply Chains
  9. Sustainable Farming Practices and Agroecological Principles
  10. Ecosystem-Based Approaches to Biodiversity Conservation in Agri-Food Systems

Review Process

Articles are assessed and sent for double-blind review after submission; hence, submitting before the deadline is preferable. Also, all articles published by Discover Sustainability are Open Access and made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication. Learn more about the Topical Collection here.

Submission Guidelines

To submit your manuscript for consideration at Discover Sustainability as part of this Topical Collection, please follow the steps detailed on this Submission Guidelines. When submitting a manuscript, you will need to indicate that you are submitting your manuscript to a Collection. To do so, on the ‘Topical Collection Name’ Topical Collection from the drop-down list. Authors should also express their interest in the Collection in their cover letter as well as if they want to apply for APC waiver.

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