Encomiums, Plaudits as ASMN Celebrates First Anniversary

It was showers of praise, encomium and plaudits on the leadership of DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Centre (DIaDeRC) as the flagship programme of the Centre marked her 1st Anniversary.

Just one year after the commencement of the African Scholars Mentorship Network (ASMN), the attending testimonies have been outstanding. ASMN was launched precisely 28th May 2023.

The founding Chair of DIaDeRC and host of the ASMN programme, Professor Evans Osabuohien said the initiative has become a veritable virtual mentorship platform for building a critical mass of African scholars with interest in research and grant writing.

Professor Evans said many of those who were beneficiaries of the first and second editions of ASMN (ASMN 1.0 & ASMN 2.0) have gone ahead to travel to various conferences. He also noted that the TASUED-DIaDeRC Workshop further consolidated the initiative that DIaDeRC seeks to drive towards honing knowledge, and guiding many towards prosperous living as scholars in Africa.

One of the beneficiaries of ASMN, Dr Oyindamola Adeyemo, said her participation in the virtual bootcamp has helped her to experience growth and attract the needed collaboration that has seen her grow professionally as an academic. The Head, Admin/Human Resources at DIaDeRC, Mrs Patience Evans-Osabuohien, said the ASMN platform has been a remarkable and life transforming programme from the platform of DIaDeRC, as it has helped impart lives across Africa and beyond. According to her, “As a participant of ASMN, I have learnt and understand what is expected of me as a researcher and how to align with best practices,” she posited.

The Chief Operating Officer at Inspire World International Foundation, Dr Judith I. Ani, said participating in ASMN series has availed her with access to global opportunities and more visibility. “I am grateful that the visionary leadership of Professor Osabuohien in establishing DIaDeRC  and working toward its actualization. Like me, ASMN has offered international opportunities to several members across the continent and beyond,” she added.

Similarly, another participant of the past ASMN trainings, Mrs Loveth Ode-Omenka, said the ASMN platform has helped in developing her capacity in proposal and research paper writing, thus imbuing her with the requisite confidence in her research endeavour. According to her, the knowledge gained has enabled her participate in development economics course and other virtual conferences.

Dr Ngwengeh Beloke from the University of Buea, Cameroon, said ASMN has been a wonderful platform that has been very helpful in putting her career in the upward trajectory. “Ever since I joined this network of scholars, I have never suffered regret. It has been quality learning, writing and publications as well as international networking, and I am proud of the vision bearer, Prof Osabuohien,” she enthused.

A budding researcher, Anthony Ibe from the British-Canadian University, Obudu, Cross River State, Nigeria, said the ASMN series have impacted his academic life  and increased his research skills. “I have been exposed to many things I had little idea about. The ASMN platform has also increased my visibility in the research world, and has significantly improved my confidence in organizing articles for publication,” he averred.

An academic from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, Dr Alhassn Abdul-Wakeel Karakara, said he has learnt a lot by being a part the ASMN programme, as it has been significantly helpful in coming up with research papers to be submitted to conferences. In his words, “ASMN is a good platform to learn and share ideas about research endeavors.”

A Research Assistant Happiness Obi said subscribing to ASMN programme and completing the bootcamp trainings, has been an exceptional experience, through which she has been able to expand her network, secure offers in non-profit organizations, start publishing and at the same time help kickstart her overall career.

Indeed, DIaDeRC through her ASMN programme has been touching lives and is still in the business of touching lives. Congratulations to participants that have subscribed to the third edition of ASMN training (ASMN 3.0) because of what has been package for participants. The participants of ASMN 3.0 are to come with a mind to learn as it promises to be impact-filled and result-driven as a special anniversary package from the leadership of DIaDeRC to all.

More importantly, there exists the opportunity to join ASMN Premium Membership. Check it out via this link.

To God Be All The Glory.

Documentary on ASMN @1

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