Dr. Oyindamola Adeyemo

DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Centre.

Dr. Oyindamola Adeyemo

Research Associate

Dr. Oyindamola Adeyemo is an economist, lecturer, and researcher with a specialised focus on international economics. She earned her Doctorate from Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, building on her Master’s degree in the same field from the same institution. Her academic foundation was laid at the University of Ibadan, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Her professional journey began in the business sector, where she served as a Business Economist at Baonyx-Joet Engineering Ltd in Port Harcourt. In this role, Dr. Adeyemo was involved in economic evaluations and providing commercial advice for various business projects. Subsequently, she transitioned to academia, taking up a faculty position as a Lecturer in Economics at British Canadian University, Obudu, Nigeria.

Dr. Adeyemo also plays a significant role in academic research and review. She has been an active Examiner for The West African Examination Council (WAEC) since June 2020, where her expertise in economic principles has been instrumental in maintaining academic integrity and fairness. Additionally, she contributes as a Reviewer for the ECO Journal SciencePG, USA, where she evaluates manuscripts and ensures the upholding of scientific standards.

She has made substantial contributions to the field of economics through dissertations, journal articles, and conference paper presentations. Her research interests include trade and economic growth, foreign direct investment, and the environmental impact of economic activities. She has co-authored a chapter in “Economic Policy and Financial Performance” and presented papers on global economic issues, particularly focusing on Nigeria’s economy. Her commitment to professional development is evident in her active participation in various economic conferences and workshops. She has been recognized for her dedication to the field of economics with certificates of participation from academic institutions.

A proponent of lifelong learning and professional growth, Dr. Adeyemo holds verified international academic qualifications and is a member of several professional bodies, including the Nigerian Economic Society, the European Centre for Research Training and Development UK and African Scholarship Mentorship Network (ASMN) anchored by DIaDeRC. She is passionate about applying her extensive knowledge in economics to real-world scenarios and is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of economists. Her career reflects a blend of academic rigour, practical expertise, and a commitment to shaping the field of economics for sustainable development.