Esther Folarin

DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Centre.

Dr. (Mrs) Esther Folarin

Research Associate & Events/Welfare

Dr Esther M. Folarin is an assistant professor working as a research associate at Warwick University, UK, and a lecturer at CECOS College, London. She holds PhD in Economics from Covenant University and a Masters in Monetary and Labour Economics from the University of Lagos.

She is a professional Lecturer and a member of the National Economic Society (NES), the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) and the Royal Economic Society (RES). She has almost a decade of lecturing experience and commitment to research within international development, economics, and Global South political economy. She ensures a robust foundation in both research and teaching to create an enriching learning experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with more emphasis on undergraduate students for a solid background that fosters an environment where they can apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

Her research specialization lies at the intersection of international development and decolonial studies, utilizing critical approaches to examine the complexities and power dynamics inherent in global development processes. One of the hallmarks of her research competency is a series of in-depth studies that critically assess the historical legacies and contemporary implications of colonial structures within the context of international development. She has actively contributed to developing critical frameworks for understanding and addressing the challenges of international development.