(Pre)Doctoral Research Grant: ATSA (Making Society Better)

     This year, ATSA will provide funding for grants designated as student research. The total amount of grant monies available is $15,000. Applications requesting any amount up to this limit will be considered. More than one application can be funded until the full $15,000 has been awarded.

The Grant Program has been established to fulfill the organization’s commitment to promoting research on the causes and treatment of sexual offending. The Pre-doctoral Research Grant also fulfills ATSA’s commitment to encouraging and the training of new investigators. ATSA believes that original research is vital to the continued growth and advancement of the field and is eager to provide new investigators with the resources to undertake promising research projects. The ATSA research program encourages and supports all research on sexual aggression including research on the assessment, management, and treatment of identified sexual offenders, on the assessment of risk for re-offending, and on the treatment of the victims of sexual abuse.

During the current granting cycle, however, ATSA is especially interested in research proposals that target the causes of sexually abusive behavior, the identification of characteristics that predispose individuals to perpetrate such abuse, and the investigation of the optimal intervention methods for preventing the occurrence of sexual abuse.

The funding is intended to support research costs other than the student’s own time. For example, the costs could include travel to meet participants, advertisements, participant fees, and payments to others for help with the research project (e.g., data entry). Direct payment to the grant recipient, including “buy-out” of academic duties, is not an allowable expense.

Grant applications must be received by June 30, 2023.  E-mail (awards@atsa.com) a cover letter containing a physical address, e-mail address, and telephone number where you can be reached through the end of July.

  • Attach the completed application and all required supplemental material indicated by the application for submission.
  • Application and cover letter must be sent electronically.
  • All forms should be submitted in a single word document (DO NOT submit multiple attachments).
  • The submission must reflect the submitter’s identification in the document name (e.g. “jane smith atsa grant submission.doc”).
  • While there is not a specific grant application form to submit, there are several specifics areas that MUST be addressed in the submission and these can be found at the link listed below.
  • All submissions should be reviewed by thesis or dissertation advisor(s) (or another mentor with grant experience) prior to being submitted.
  • All funded awards must be processed through the official funding office of the applicant’s university(Some universities require that an office of sponsored research approve a grant proposal before it is submitted).

 Download application form Here 

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