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Size, geography, and GVC participation of firms in Nigeria and Rwanda: Implications for the AfCFTAGlobal value chains (GVC) have recently become an important developmental issue and have become prominent within the development community. Empirical studies on the peculiar nature of firms (small-scale) in the GVC are sparse, especially in Africa.2024/03Download
Modelling structural breaks in social cash transfers effects on poverty and inequality reduction in Africa: A case of NigeriaPoverty and inequality have become persistent challenges, hindering sustainable growth in African countries. Against this backdrop, the Nigerian government introduced social cash transfer (SCT) programmes to provide targeted financial assistance to vulnerable populations and foster inclusive social welfare.2024/03Download
Developing Sustainable Tourism in Tanzania: Perspective from Wine StakeholdersThis chapter underscores the current business environment for wine tourism in Tanzania and identifies opportunities for its establishment using the stakeholder theory based on data from wine stakeholders.2024/03Download
Promoting clean energy adoption for enhanced food security in AfricaThe research investigated the idea of clean energy and how it affects food security utilizing panel data from selected African nations. The World Development Indicators (WDI) for the years 2005 to 2022, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), and the Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) were the sources of data.2024/03Download
Nutrition and sustainable development goal 5: gender equalityThe connection between nutrition and gender equality lies at the heart of sustainable development efforts, encapsulated within the transformative goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) specifically focuses on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls...2024/03Download
Mentorship and innovation as drivers of entrepreneurship performance in Africa’s largest economyThis study aims to examine the relationship between mentorship, innovation and entrepreneurship performance in Africa’s largest economy. This study argues that mentorship and innovation play significant roles in driving entrepreneurship performance in the country.2024/03Download
Disability Among Older Adults in South-Eastern NigeriaDisability is a common reason for the loss of independence. There is a dearth of data on older adults with disability in south-eastern Nigeria. Using a multistage sampling technique and disability indexes, we assessed 816 persons aged 65 years and above living with a disability.2023/9Download
Women Supporting Women: A Glass Ceiling for Women Politicians in Ibadan, NigeriaNigerian women account for almost half of the country’s population, yet they represent a minuscule percentage of elected positions. Many scholars have attributed this to the patriarchal system inherent in Nigeria. This study, however..2023/9Download
How Do Older Adults in a Sub-Saharan African Community Perceive and Cope With Their Disability? An Interpretive Phenomenological AnalysisThe study explored the perceptions and coping strategies employed by older adults in a Sub-Saharan African community in relation to their disabilities.2023/9Download
Technological Capability, Inclusive Growth and Structural Transformation in AfricaSome studies have shown that economic growth in Africa has not been sustainable, transformative, nor inclusive. This is very perplexing, considering that resource-poor East Asian countries have not only achieved high growth rates but have done so while alleviating poverty and becoming major players in the global economy.2023/9Download
Green economy and food security in AfricaThe study is carried out with the objective of making contributions to the policy debate that is vital and relevant towards achieving sustainable development goals of ending poverty (SDG1), ensuring adequate food and nutrition (SDG2)...2023/9Download
Armed Conflicts and Household Socioeconomic Status in the Lake Chad Basin: A Random Coefficient Model ApproachThis study extends the existing literature on the relationship between armed conflicts and the socioeconomic status of households in Lake Chad Basin (LCB) countries by adopting a random coefficient model to analyse micro-panel data covering the 1997–2020 periods.2023/9Download
Gender disparity in access to education, under-5 mortality, and economic growth in sub-Saharan AfricaThis paper empirically analyses the impact of gender disparity in access to education and under 5 mortality on economic growth in selected sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries from the period 2005 – 2020.2023/9Download
Post-pandemic renewable energy development in Sub-Saharan AfricaThis study examines the nexus between energy access, institutional quality, and environmental quality in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). To get insight into the relationship among the variables of interest...2021/6/1Download
Threshold effects of ICT access and usage in Burkinabe and Ghanaian householdsInformation and communication technology (ICT) has a crucial role in the individual, businesses, and cooperative lives of citizens. Many studies on ICT access tend to concentrate on the supply...2022/7/3Download
Employment and income effects of Nigeria’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda: Evidence from cattle value chainThe purpose of this paper is to investigate how the development of cattle value chain can influence employment creation and income of both cattle farmers and merchants. The study focusses on...2020/6/11Download
Manufacturing export and ICT infrastructure in West Africa: Investigating the roles of economic and political institutionsInvestment in ICT infrastructure development is crucial to international trade through its provision of reliable interconnectedness via communication. This can be augmented via institutional intervention...2020/1/31Download
Feasible environmental Kuznets and institutional quality in North and Southern African sub-regionsOne of the goals of Africa as a developing continent is to grow and also reduce environmental pollution. Most studies investigate the presence of inverted U-shaped environmental Kuznets curve...2018Download
Regional integration and energy sustainability in Africa: Exploring the challenges and prospects for ECOWASThis study explores the extent to which regional integration can be a viable tool in driving energy sustainability in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) sub‐region of Africa and vice versa...2019/12/1Download
ICT adoption, competition and innovation of informal firms in West Africa: a comparative study of Ghana and NigeriaThe study used the World Bank Enterprise Survey data 2014 for Ghana and Nigeria with binary logistic regression analysis to achieve this. Four different innovations are modelled. They include: first, whether...2020/6/24
ICT adoption, innovation and financial development in a digital world: empirical analysis from AfricaAs a response to a digital era that is seen as a core element of global digitalisation, financial development in many countries including those in the African continent experienced varying patterns...2021/1/2Download
One dollar, one bank account: remittance and bank breadth in NigeriaThis study examined remittance and bank breadth in Nigeria, using data from the 2011 World Bank Households Survey for the African migration project in Nigeria. The results-based on logistic regression...2015/8/5Download
Population–poverty–inequality nexus and social protection in AfricaThis study examines how social protection policies and programmes can help in poverty and inequality reduction in Africa. The study covers 38 African countries and engages the fixed and random effects mode...2020/9/2Download
Internet usage, innovation and human development nexus in Africa: the case of ECOWASInternet usage and the sporadic rise in the level of innovations have been major drivers of human progress in the last decades. These leaps in human intelligence have affected almost every area of human...2019/12/2Download
Bilateral trade performance in West Africa: A gravity model estimationThis study provides empirical insights on the functioning of regional trade agreements within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) by identifying bilateral trade barriers that ...2019/3/12Download
Households' ICT access and bank patronage in West Africa: Empirical insights from Burkina Faso and GhanaInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play a crucial role on the individuals, businesses and the citizenry in a country. Some studies on ICT access tend to concentrate on the supply...2019/2/1
ICT investments, human capital development and institutions in ECOWASThe study explores the linkage between the investment in information and telecommunication technology (ICT) and human capital development on economic transformation in Economic Communities...2018Download
Female labor outcomes and large-scale agricultural land investments: Macro-micro evidencefrom TanzaniaThis paper examined the extent to which Large-scale Agricultural Land Investments (LALIs) has delivered on its promises (e.g. increased productivity, job creation, and rural development, particularly for rural women)...2019/3/1Download
Investigating the relevance of mobile technology adoption on inclusive growth in West AfricaThis paper empirically investigates the role of mobile technology adoption on inclusive growth in 15 West African countries with a view to ascertaining if the positive role of mobile technology adoption...2020/1/2Download
A frica's Money in AfricaWorkers' remittance and compensation of employees received in Sub‐Sahara Africa (SSA) increased from USD 1.398 billion in 1980 to USD 4.834 billion in 2000 and soared to USD 21.101 billion in 2010.2013/6/22Download
Large-scale agricultural land investments and local institutions in Africa: The Nigerian caseAfrica has become the most targeted continent for large-scale agricultural land investments (LALIs) with over 60% of the global figure. Some efforts have been made to investigate the determinants of...2014/7/1Download
Environmental pollution, economic growth and institutional quality: exploring the nexus in NigeriaInteraction between environmental pollution and economic growth determines the achievement of the green growth objective of developing economies. An economy turns around the inverted U-shaped...2020/1/9Download
Large-scale agricultural investment and female employment in African communities: Quantitative and qualitative insights from NigeriaThis study examines how large-scale agricultural investments (LSAIs) affect employment outcomes of female-headed households in Nigeria. It focuses on wage income...2023/4/1Download
Handbook of Research on In-Country Determinants and Implications of Foreign Land Acquisitions
Evans Osabuohien
Several studies have investigated the impetus and implications behind large-scale land acquisitions/deals at the global level; however, intranational factors within communities and societies have not received much attention from researchers...2014/12/31Download
The Palgrave handbook of agricultural and rural development in Africa“I would like to congratulate Evans Osabuohien for bringing together so many scholars, especially Africans within the continent and in the Diaspora...2020/7/6Download
COVID-19 in the African Continent: Sustainable Development and Socioeconomic ShocksOVID-19 in the African Continent examines the development, achievements, and challenges that have resulted owing to COVID-19 pandemic and how these precarious socioeconomic situations are being managed in African countries2022/5/23Download
Socioeconomic Shocks and Africa’s Development Agenda: Lessons and Policy Directions in a Post-COVID-19 EraThis book investigates how African countries respond to socioeconomic shocks, drawing out lessons to help to inform future policy and development efforts. The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic...2022/11/10Download