The Inaugural Light Conference: Illuminating Minds and Inspiring Change

On August 26, 2023, Nigeria witnessed an extraordinary gathering that brought together distinguished dignitaries, leaders, and accomplished professionals from various industries. This momentous event marked a turning point in Nigeria’s business landscape – an unprecedented summit known as ‘The Light Conference.’

Conceived as a groundbreaking initiative, the inaugural conference was orchestrated by Haoma Worgwu, a prominent figure on the board of the DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Center (DIaDeRC), a rapidly emerging Economic Research think tank in Africa. The event also featured DIaDeRC’s representation through two of its members: Dr. Esther Folarin, a research fellow, and Ms Chibuzor, Happiness Obi, a research assistant. What made this conference unique was its ability to transcend geographical boundaries, engaging participants not only within Nigeria but also from across the globe. Notably, Professor Evans Osabuohien, the Lead Economist and Chair of DIaDeRC, made a virtual appearance from his research stint at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany.

From the overarching theme of the conference to the esteemed speakers and participants in attendance, it became evident that the conference’s establishment fulfilled a critical need for heightened visibility and enlightenment within Nigeria’s corporate realm. Its mission was to facilitate the realization of Christ’s principles within the business domain, transcending beyond conventional practices.

DIaDeRC, as an innovative Economic Research think tank committed to catalyzing transformative change through knowledge, places a high value on creativity. This concept took center stage during the conference, where the profound importance of creativity was extensively deliberated upon. One paramount lesson gleaned from the conference is that creativity serves as the cornerstone for researchers aspiring to attain excellence and wield influence within their chosen fields. A poignant instance of this perspective was shared by Mrs. Funke Akinrimade, an esteemed academic and panelist, who emphasized the necessity of understanding one’s purpose and executing it with unwavering excellence.

The conference also marked the unveiling of Haoma Worgwu’s debut publication, ‘The Morning Star.’ This captivating work elucidates how young professionals, researchers, business proprietors, and executives can harness their creative energies effectively in navigating the digitally advanced landscapes of today’s business arena. The book launch was a notable highlight, encapsulating the essence of the conference’s central theme.

As the conference came to a close, an exceptionally powerful prayer session, led by Haoma herself, resonated with believers, leaving an indelible impact. In its wake, Haoma posed three thought-provoking questions to guide participants in further amplifying the conference’s influence in their lives:

  1. Which sector, industry, or field can I contribute to significantly in furthering your Kingdom?
  2. What hidden insights lie within that sector or field?
  3. How can I achieve unequivocal outcomes that magnify your name within my chosen sphere?

Undoubtedly, the Light Conference served as a transformative and enlightening experience, illuminating the minds of all fortunate attendees. Haoma’s unwavering zeal, astuteness, and brilliance, as evident through her role as a board member at DIaDeRC, stand as a testament to the exceptional leadership driving the think tank. As DIaDeRC gears up to launch the second edition of its flagship virtual grant writing boot camp for African scholars, dubbed The African Scholars Mentorship Network, participants can eagerly anticipate nothing less than exceptional guidance and mentorship. The Light Conference has left an indelible mark, inspiring individuals to bring positive change to their respective fields and furthering the mission of DIaDeRC in the process.


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