Introducing ASMN Premium Membership: A Journey of Empowerment and Collaboration

As we look towards the future, it is with great excitement that we introduce ASMN Premium Membership—an exclusive opportunity for members to take their career journey to new heights.

The launch of the African Scholars Mentorship Network (ASMN) can be traced back to the founding principles of the DePECOS Institutions and Development Research Centre (DIaDeRC), a trailblazing institution committed to nurturing the next generation of African researchers. From its early days, DIaDeRC recognized the pressing need to provide scholars with the necessary tools, resources, and support systems to thrive in an increasingly competitive academic environment.

Driven by this vision, ASMN emerged as a transformative platform where scholars could unite, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects of mutual interest. Through engaging workshops, insightful discussions, and access to funding opportunities, ASMN quickly established itself as a catalyst for change, empowering researchers to overcome obstacles and reach new heights of success.

What truly sets ASMN apart is its unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration and networking among scholars from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. By breaking down barriers and facilitating meaningful connections, ASMN has created a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flourish, partnerships blossom, and innovation thrives.

Through initiatives such as the Virtual Grant Winning Bootcamp Series, ASMN has provided researchers with a platform to sharpen their skills, expand their horizons, and unlock new opportunities for growth. From grant writing workshops to networking events with renowned experts, ASMN has left an indelible mark on the scholarly landscape, inspiring countless individuals to pursue their academic passions with renewed vigour.

With ASMN Premium Membership, you’ll gain access to a host of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your professional development and amplify your impact in the academic community. From priority access to classified opportunities to personalized recommendation letters from DIaDeRC, ASMN Premium Membership offers unparalleled support and recognition for your scholarly endeavours.

Benefits of ASMN Premium Membership

  • Exclusive Collaborating Groups: Connect with fellow premium members in dedicated groups for enhanced networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Be part of a community: Access dedicated scholars from different disciplines and levels that align with your research and career needs.
  • Priority Access to Opportunities: Be first in line for classified opportunities such as referrals, events, and networking opportunities, ensuring you never miss out on valuable chances for career advancement.
  • Possibility of DIaDeRC Recommendation Letters: Receive personalized recommendation letters from DIaDeRC, enhancing your credibility and opening doors to new opportunities in the academic and research spheres.
  • Featured Profiles: Have your profile listed prominently on our posts, serving as a valuable database for potential collaborations and networking within the ASMN community. Also, have your birthday featured in our monthly community newsletter.
  • Access to Research Resources and Databases: Access premium research resources, databases, and academic journals, providing comprehensive and up-to-date information to support your research endeavours and stay ahead of the curve in your field.
  • Professional Visibility Enhancement: Benefit from enhanced visibility and recognition within the academic community through features such as spotlight interviews, features in the community newsletter, guest blog opportunities, and inclusion in ASMN publications.
  • Recognition and Awards: Receive recognition and awards for your contributions to the ASMN community and academic excellence.
  • Collaboration with DIaDeRC Team Members: Collaborate with DIaDeRC team members on various projects, with the added benefit of having the possibility of Article Processing Charges (APC) supported in conjunction with partners.
  • Invitations to Ongoing Projects: Gain access to ongoing projects within the DIaDeRC community, providing invaluable networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Enjoy Rebates on Paid Events in which DIaDeRC is involved: Enjoy rebates on fees for specific events organized by DIaDeRC, making professional development more accessible and affordable.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility criteria to subscribe for ASMN Premium Membership include:

  • Completion of ASMN Training: Participants should have completed any ASMN Series (e.g.  ASMN Series 1.0; 2.0) or attended one of our physical workshops with a certificate to show.
  • Those who have NOT undergone training sessions should take available or upcoming training. 

Imagine being part of a dynamic community of like-minded scholars, collaborating on groundbreaking research projects, and accessing invaluable resources to fuel your academic pursuits. With ASMN Premium Membership, the possibilities are limitless, and the opportunities for growth are endless.

Join us in shaping the future of African scholarship and making a lasting impact on the world stage. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a budding academic, ASMN Premium Membership offers a gateway to new opportunities, connections, and horizons.

Registration Process

Category A: Those who have completed ASMN or other DIaDeRC Training with a Certificate – REGISTER HERE

Category B: Those who do NOT have ASMN nor DIaDeRC’s training certificate – REGISTER HERE


Email: or

Call/WhatsApp: Happiness at +234 913 247 0783 or Emmanuel at +234 805 783 4771


If you encounter difficulties with the online payment, transfer the required amount (Category A is N12,000, while Category B is N15,000) to the account number stated herein: 

a) Bank: Sterling Bank; Account number: 0098142960; Account Name: Depecos Institutions and Development Research Centre

b) Bank: Zenith Bank; Account number: 1311384911; Account Name: Depecos Institutions and Development Research Centre

c) Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA) PLC; Account Number: 1026165618; Account Name: Depecos Institutions and Development Research Centre

After the transfer, please email the evidence of payment to or WhatsApp Happiness at +234 913 247 0783 or Emmanuel at +234 805 783 4771.  This will enable you to get further information and enjoy the numerous benefits.

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