Venture Science Doctorate – Deep Science Ventures

Deadline: December 23, 2023
In health, climate and computation, today’s challenges require speed, scale and skills like never before. PhD programs shape the deeptech workforce that solve humanity’s problems, but they’re not optimised for these challenges; they don’t attract driven, commercially-minded visionaries or under-represented groups.

The Venture Science Doctorate (VSD) is an alternative. Join a 3-year, fully-funded, sector-agnostic PhD program, running our proven innovation model. It’s provided by Deep Science Ventures College at Woolf, a Global Higher Education Institution. Within ten years we will have scaled to train 1,000 science entrepreneurs per year.

VSD candidates directly target the most important questions in their sector, learning to design their own research projects from first-principles and launching companies based on this research, to deliver impact, not just knowledge. On top of this, they meet and work with some of the world’s most forward-thinking supervisors, in an entrepreneurial environment made up of like-minded peers, partners, and investors.

Hone intellectual freedom, grow entrepreneurial networks and create ventures to solve the world’s hardest problems.

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